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Seal Beach Considers Restricting Heights on Homes

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Down in Seal Beach, voters will weigh in on the area's current building heights, an issue that is dividing the small beachside community, reports the Los Angeles Times. Opponents include residents like Jim and Joan Wolfelt, who live next to a new three-story home, a residence that replaced a single-story bungalow. Citing privacy and shade issues, the Wolfelts are in favor of Measure Z, which would block the height of a percentage of the homes in a certain area at 25 feet (currently, the maximum is 35 feet). On the other side: People like Jim Klisanin, a local real estate agent who argues the height restriction gets in the way of the American dream. He tells the Times' Susannah Rosenblatt: "What happened to the American dream -- you can have what you pay for and what you want to build?" Complicating the issue: Seal Beach's population isn't growing (those in support of the bigger buildings blame the "onerous zoning" rules), while the population is also greying. [Image via Always on Vacation]
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