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Downtown Developer Barry Shy Wants To Dance*

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Or so reports our sister blog, Eater LA. A public notice hearing has been announced for a 40,000-square-foot restaurant with public dancing at 650 S. Spring Street, home of developer Shy's forthcoming SB Spring. (This would be the second big club in the area, news that may not make neighbors happy.) According to the latest Downtown News information on the building, the residential conversion of SB Spring should be finished in the next few months. All told, 190 condos are planned, but market conditions could switch them to apartments, according to Shy. Meanwhile, flickr user Jerici Cat just got inside the historic 650 S. Main St. building and got some snaps. UPDATE*: We just got off the phone with Shy. He says SB Spring will open in for move-ins in four months, offering apartments ranging from $1,200-$2,000 in rent. The event space consists of two different areas. One area is a banquet hall that Shy hopes to rent out to non-profits to use (for free, he says) for fundraising events. That portion will open in two months. The second area is a lounge. Look for more coverage on the lounge on Eater LA.
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