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Green Leader Exposed

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"Green Guru Gone Wrong: William McDonough" is the title of the Fast Company's most recent story on green architect/designer William McDonough. Considering that writer Danielle Sacks pulls back the curtain on McDonough, exposing him as someone more concerned with his image than the actual product, it's amazing that McDonough even agreed to talk at all to the magazine. (He must not have known it was going to be a hatchet job). More entertaining than reading about how Oberlin's Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies does not, in fact, produce more energy than it consumes (as McDonough once insisted), is this gem: Someone left a comment about a minor mentioned in story on the magazine's web site, prompting an online fight between the commenter and Fast Company's Executive Editor Will Bourne. "Start your own blog," he tells her. [Fast Company via Archinect] UPDATED