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CurbedWire: West Hollywood Newsstand For Sale, Ocean Casitas at Terranea

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: A "For Sale" sign has gone up on one of those great West Hollywood newsstands (this one is on Sunset). How much? "I'm asking $110,000," says James, the owner. So you basically take over the stand, inheriting the business and the subscriptions? Pretty much, James tells us. If only you could live in the back...[Curbed Staff]

: What downturn? A press release about the Ocean Casitas at Terranea, just hit the Inbox: "Los Angeles’ only destination resort on the Pacific Ocean, will open for tours by appointment, beginning Monday, October 27, 2008. This debut represents the first opportunity to experience furnished models at the $450 million luxury development." It looks like it is a 400-room luxury resort that's also selling villas (this is the second phase). You'll need quite a bit of money to get in here--pricing begins at $2.25 million. And here's the extensive web site. [Curbed InBox]