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Desert Hot Springs Lautner Motel Restoration Underway

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The John Lautner foundation provides an update on the ongoing restoration of the Lautner-designed motel in Desert Hot Springs. After several pricechops and a drawn-out escrow, new owners Tracy Beckmann and Ryan Trowbridge are deep in the throes of renovation: "They plan to renovate baths and kitchens, neither of which have much of the original in them, replace the air conditioners that were installed inside the private gardens when the units were converted to apartments, and possibly replace the framed windows with frameless glass. On property next door to the motel they plan to add pools as well as a small reception building for management and visitors. To protect the motel and its users from the elements and unwanted intruders, they want to build a wall around the entire site, creating a 'compound'. The wall would be of the same design as the angular wall that now exists." They're also planning to remove a residence constructed a few years ago adjacent to the motel. Except the motel to re-open in 2010, in order to coincide with the Hammer's John Lautner exhibit move to the Palm Springs Desert Museum. [Image of new owners Beckmann and Trowbridge by Judith Lautner.]
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