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Agent Connie De Groot's Hair: Foreclosure Fluffy?

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Yesterday's New York Times had an excellent article on all the psychological and sociological changes that come with a recession. Notably, laxative sales spike (people are nervous, can't go), while hemlines rise (the mood is sour, not sexy). And it turns out our theory that local real estate agent Connie De Groot's hair is a market indicator is dead on. Via the Times: "These days, there’s been talk of a haircut index, with short locks signaling a market drop." Sure, it's the flattening of the hair that interests us because De Groot's hair has become straighter and straighter in the last two years. She last appeared on tv on September 20th and her hair is showing far more volume than this summer, the lift surely representative of that recent spike in September foreclosures. In these confusing times, it's good to know Connie's hair can be such a dependable marker.
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