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ConstructionWatch: 855 Croft near La Cienega

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The upside of being stuck in all that traffic in and around West Hollywood yesterday--there was an AIDS Walk that shut down many streets--was that being hemmed in gave one no choice but to pull over, cry a bit and then walk around and check out the nearby new developments. This is 855 N. Croft, a project that was mentioned on the site this summer, and one of the larger of all those smaller developments going up in Hollywood/West Hollywood. Designed by SPF:a Architects this , this 33-unit condo project now is boasting a web site. Here's the pitch: "Located next to La Cienega & Melrose Boulevard, minutes from Beverly Hills, Century City, Melrose and Hollywood yet on a quiet residential street, the homes of 855 Croft enjoy serene surroundings along with in-town proximity." Everyone appreciates a little in-town proximity.
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