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This Maverick's Got A Future

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[In its hey-day: Maverick's Flat at 4255 Crenshaw Boulevard in South LA]

The LottaLiving Forum reports that there is some hopeful signs at the historic Maverick's Flat nightclub on Crenshaw Boulevard in South LA. A sign announcing a Historic Renovation and Grand Reopening for February 2009 now hangs out front. Chris Nichols of LottaLiving dug up additional info about what's planned:

"Expand and remodel existing dance studio and ballroom (historical cultural monument #LA-6769) to a full service restaurant with live entertainment, dancing, and a full line of alcoholic beverages, and a private cigar club; also, parking: 3 leased spaces within 750 feet at 3701 Stocker Avenue." Maverick's Flat was one of the sites mentioned in an article in Dumb Angel Magazine that discussed the forgotten 60's soul scene that became popular just as the Central Avenue jazz scene died out.
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