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PriceUpper: Flipper on Spaulding Avenue

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Ah, there's nothing more satisfying than scrutinizing a good flip. Wouldn't it be great to know what this thing looked like before. A reader writes: "The above house just hit the market this week. It is a flip house and is priced at what can only be called a silly level. They are asking $1.693 million. The house was bought by the flipper in March of 07 for 939K. It is on 8th street – a busy thoroughfare and is surrounded by large apartment buildings. $1.4 would have been an absurd price – 1.7 is just silly. If it breaks $1.2 mil I will be surprised...Every surface of the house is covered with stone – it's very strange design.." It's a 2,268-square foot three bedroom described as a "stunning 1926 English walled gated remodel w/ultra modern Architectural Digest finishes."
· 802 S SPAULDING Ave [Redfin]
· 802 Spaulding [Official site]