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Echo Park's McMansion Developer Likes To Build Big

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"When I tell him that it is not the quality but the scale and context that concerns the neighbors, he says that we 'should be thankful' that he has increased home values in Echo Park. When community opposition to his houses is mentioned he becomes very defensive and threatens to build even bigger to spite his neighbors." That's a neighbor in Echo Park, talking to blogger Jesus Sanchez about local developer Randy Bailly. Bailly built 2230 Avon Street, a creamy-colored, 3,200-square-foot home that was recently taken off the market presumably because it couldn't get its $875,000 asking price. He also built his own home, which may be Echo Park's first McMansion, but more worrisome, he owns multiple lots along Cerro Gordo street. Folks, we may be meeting Echo Park's version of Geoff Palmer. [Image of 2230 Avon Street via The Eastsider]
· Bigger is Always Better for the McMansion Builder [The Eastsider]