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Internet Outage: Angry Venice Signs Shout At Time Warner

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Spotted yesterday in Venice, these flyers detail the outrage of a local resident who has been without internet service for 10 days. Her provider is Time Warner and her pink note alleges that Time Warner offers terrible service. And hey, apparently the city agrees with her because they are suing the company for shoddy service (or at least, it'd been reported in June they planned to sue). More from this lady's note:
1. She has spent six hours on the phone with Time Warner.
2. Time Warner is the only service provider available to her.
3. She alleges a history of poor service: "The city of Moorpark in the past has fined Time Warner for treating customers as I have been treated."
4. She encourages others to fax Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo if they have similar problems and ask Mr. Delgadillo to consider a second lawsuit. UPDATED: A commenter notes the note was put up by Amy Alkon. She's a syndicated columnist--no wonder she is pissed.
· Fed up with shoddy customer service, L.A. to sue Time Warner Cable [LA Times]