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CurbedWire: Red Car Flashback, Free iPhone in Marina Del Rey

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SAN PEDRO: For no good reason except maybe that upcoming transportation measure, let's look at some old train cars. Also, who has the time to get to San Pedro to see them in person. The caption for this newly added photo: "Cars 500 and 501 were built new especially for the Red Car Line by the talented craftspeople of the Port of Los Angeles. The two cars are accurate replicas of the Pacific Electric's 500-class suburban cars that were used on the system between 1902 and 1934." Via Flickr user Floyd B. Bariscale. More info and where to hop a train car is here. [Curbed Staff]

Marina Del Rey: We just noticed that web site for Esprit, a new rental development, is advertising a free iPhone if you sign a 12-month lease. It looks like the offer ends today, but surely you can sweet talk those Esprit rental agents into extending the offer and handing you one. [Curbed InBox]