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How's That Leafy Green Nouvel Building Coming?

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Two weeks before Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, the Wall Street Journal ran an extensive story that looked at how Lehman bankrolled a good number of Irvine-based developer SunCal's projects throughout California. One of those projects, according to the WSJ was "a parcel overlooking a country club adjacent to Beverly Hills" aka 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, site of the 177 condo tower being designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. Last week, we asked SunCal, one of the West's biggest developers, about the status of the project. Is this green blade really going to grow? One of their press reps sent a statement-- it's after the jump, as is the latest SunCal-related news.

In response to a question about where SunCal is--development-wise--with the project, the rep wrote:

"We’re in the final stages of the schematic design process for 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard. Jean Nouvel and his designers have come to Los Angeles for design charrettes and SunCal’s team has also traveled to Paris for additional charrettes to refine the design.

We’re studying the planted terraces, the unique structural system and the building core. The team is also working on the project’s public elements and the garden. The core principles of our design remain in place and the creative team is working on refining the design further. We’re planning to finish this phase of the work by the end of this year.

On the public process side, SunCal representatives have met with various neighborhood groups to discuss the project. We intend to meet with many more, enabling us to engage in a more public process once the environmental impact report is completed. We’re preparing the EIR and expect to have it available for public review sometime in the late fall. We’re looking forward to meeting with community groups and local stakeholders at that time to share our vision for this iconic development and obtain their feedback.

The Los Angeles Business Council hosted the 38th annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards in June, where Jean Nouvel was the keynote speaker, and much of the general public attended. There appeared to be enthusiastic support for bringing world-class architecture to Century City, and we look forward to engaging the community as the project continues to move forward.

We are very much looking forward to sharing the excitement of bringing architecture of this caliber to Los Angeles."

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