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Shed Living: Mar Vista's "Butler Building"

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In addition to all those American Institute of Architecture (AIA) home tours, the MOCA Prefab home tours took place last weekend. A mole offer a few shots and narration: "A new home on the tour that had not been seen before was designed by Andres Ariza from Red Barn Prefab. He showed a home in Mar Vista made from a "Butler Building" industrial shed/barn turned into a modern home." Our reader also goes a little red arrow nuts: "Here is an homage to curbed with my own version of an arrow pic pointing out 3 architects in the one shot. From left to right: Bill Krisel of Palm Springs mid-century modern fame (Palmer & Krisel), Leo Marmol from Marmol Radziner and (facing away) Kim Keller a cool staff architect at Apple Inc who designs Apple stores around the world."
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