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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Greenhouse Gases in Universal City, Faux Buildings, and Crime and Pedestrians in the Miracle Mile

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Thanks for the participation this week. It's nice to solve other people's problems. Good karma. Please send us an email if you have questions for next week.

[Site Plan for NBC Universal project in Universal City. CLICK image for a larger view]

1) Universal City: Where is that pesky climate change section for the NBC Universal metro station project? Several readers responded about the State's lack of clear guidelines for the climate section in dealing with greenhouse gases. Another reader send the link to view the draft environmental impact report: "You can find the entire DEIR at The climate change analysis is in the air quality section."

2) West LA: We apologize to the reader who asked about the big Casden project planned for Pico and Sepulveda. We have nothing for you at this time but will investigate further.

3) Los Angeles: Lots of quality leads on hollow buildings in the City of LA from our commenters. If you know of other hollow buildings, please contact Rena - her email is given here.

4) Miracle Mile: Commenter Miss Teresa is a goddess. She responded to the questions about 6th and Fairfax. First: "Regarding 6th and Fairfax: There will be a dedicated right turn lane on northbound Fairfax going onto eastbound 6th. They are also making a curb cut to move the right turn lane from westbound 6th onto northbound Fairfax, because they are putting in two left turn lanes onto southbound Fairfax. This is all part of the LACMA traffic plan. The left turn lanes will all go back in when it's done. For some reason, however, they have thrown in the removal of the crosswalk going from LACMA to the 99 Cent Store - This was not part of any plan I have ever seen, and it will make it impossible to cross Fairfax; no crossing on the south side, and pedestrians backed up on the north side trying to dodge cars turning right. DOT wants to speed cars up and down Fairfax, and pedestrians just get in the way." If you want to tell the Department of Transportation and the City to leave your crosswalk alone, Miss Teresa offers some advice.

Also, yes the jewelry store at 6th and Fairfax was robbed again. "Regarding the police activity at 6th and Fairfax: LAPD told me it was the jewelry store again. No info on the LAPD website yet, but I do know somebody left "evidence" in little droplets on the sidewalk. I guess after three robberies in three years, the owners of the jewelry store were prepared to fight back this time. I hope they are all okay."