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CurbedWire: New Wilshire Hotel! New Sunset Hotel!

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MIRACLE MILE: Reading through the city's planning department, it looks like something is afoot at 6317 W. Wilshire Boulevard. Via the public notice section: "The applicant is seeking a Zoning Administrator's Determination to allow the Adaptive Reuse of an existing 6-story, 41,900 square foot medical office building into a 74-room hotel with 50 parking spaces, a rooftop pool, kitchen, and lounge. A Conditional Use Permit request to permit a hotel within 500-feet of an R Zone, and the sale of alcohol for on-site consumption in conjunction with the hotel rooms and associated amenities." We hear it's the same people who did the Elan Hotel. [Curbed Staff]
WEST HOLLYWOOD: This planned hotel for Sunset and Doheny was spotted in a month-old Architect's Newspaper. It's being designed by local architecture firm Eric Owen More; more via the description: "Featuring Moss’ off-kilter floorplates and hard-edged forms, this retail, hotel, and residential project is built around an 11-story hotel with a glazed curtain wall. The smaller residential block will enclose small public and private courtyards." We spoke with the kind people at Eric Owen Moss, who said the owners of the project aren't ready to talk yet publicly about the hotel. Fhsifshitz. Gaze upon the tiny rendering in the newspaper. And the address is 9040 Sunset Blvd. [Curbed Staff]