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Downtown's Buck Rogers High School in Trouble

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[Via flickr user La Cita Villa; her whole amazing set of the under-construction school here]

Some worrisome news about that futuristic downtown school that'll house the city's artistic teens. Even though it's scheduled to open in fall 2009, the new LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) high school on Cesar Chavez doesn't have a principal or curriculum, its executive director quit, and backer/philanthropist Eli Broad is now shopping around the school, trying to get it out of the district's hands and make it a charter school, according to the Daily News's George B. Sánchez. "There's no plan. There's nothing in place right now, and there's 328 days before we open," Araceli Ruano, chairwoman of the school's advisory board, tells the paper. Meanwhile, LAUSD Senior Deputy Superintendent Ramon Cortines is more optimistic, stating the school will remain within the LAUSD and it will live "up to the dreams and hopes of all of us that want an art school." This story follows an earlier LA Times piece on the school's ballooning $230 million budget.
· LAUSD struggles to open performance arts school [Daily News]