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Neutra Home=Xanax

Sure, Alain De Botton's "The Architecture of Happiness" has been out for years, but that's not going to stop CNN from asking the writer about the effects buildings and homes have on moods. "De Botton said there are "thousands" of public buildings which are ugly and could possibly force a negative, saddening, or even potential anger-producing mood upon us." Since structures communicate with us--giving off vibes--your beautiful home may be why you don't need medication. De Botton even references the Palm Springs Kaufmann House: "The bourgeois couples who lived in Richard Neutra's mid-twentieth-century steel and glass pavilions in California may at times have drunk too much, squabbled, been insincere and overwhelmed by anxiety, but at least their buildings spoke to them of honesty and ease, of a lack of inhibition and a faith in the future." [CNN/Amazon]