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Lean Times: Pottery Barn Needs To Chill Out

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Lean Times considers the companies, stores, and trends that are tied to the boom and bust of the housing market/conspicuous consumerism, and therefore contributed to the now shaky if not soon-to-be-devastated economy. Tips to the hotline. Pottery Barn: OK, PB, it all started when you started selling oversized couches. Those couches were huge! They couldn't fit into a studio apartment. People had to move into bigger apartments and condos just to get one of those huge couches. Those couches also made people eat more and get fatter. You don't notice how fat you are when you are sitting on a huge couch. Also, Pottery Barn made you buy stuff you didn't even need. Like earrings that hang off candlesticks or mittens for wine glasses. Sure, it's great people got interested in furnishings and home decor during the last decade. And the rise in housing and housing-related decor gave us a lot of beautiful magazines that are now going to go out of business. But people went nuts with their nesting. And worse, people went into credit card debt. We're blaming those big couches and we're putting Pottery Barn, as well as Pottery Barn Kids, on a diet. Lean Times for Pottery Barn declared!
· Pottery Barn [Official Site]