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Reader Rant: Garagemahal and WeHo's Poor Traffic Construction Planning

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[The Garagemahal as last seen in March of this year]

It's a late afternoon two-fer. A reader emails in with an update about the Garagemahal project on Doheny Drive, just north of Sunset and about construction on Sunset Boulevard.

Need an update on the Garagemahal. Drove up Doheny the other day and that ugly monster is still under construction, except now it looks like an office building with a picked fence of metal death spikes in front. The neighbors must hate the owner. Was it ever decided what that thing is a garage or an addition to the house? Also, can someone please talk to the City of West Hollywood and let them know what fucktards they are for allowing construction on Sunset/Doheny on a Friday morning during rush hour traffic. It literally took me an hour and ten minutes to get from Sunset Plaza Dr. to Doheny this morning.

For the record, we believe the Garagemahal was determined to be just an uber-ugly addition to some guys mansion with a lot of concrete involved. Yes, it looks like a garage.
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