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Week In Review: Goodbye Green Tower, Los Feliz Median, Connector Talk, Candy Brothers' Plans, Pann's Restored, Mural Stripped

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CENTURY CITY: Jolly Green Giant denied. SunCal—developer of the 45-story, 177-unit condo tower being designed by French architect Jean Nouvel—released a statement saying the project was on hold. And in all honesty, this thing is probably never coming at all...gaze upon the last rendering that was out there.

LOS FELIZ: It's hard to understand how this project is costing $800,000, but the biggest construction job going on in Los Feliz right now is a wee little park at Hollywood Blvd. and Vermont Ave. Poke, poke: City Council President Eric Garcetti once referred to projects like these as "urban acupuncture."

DOWNTOWN: Meetings, meetings and talk of going underground. The MTA is holding the final series of alternative analysis update meetings for the downtown regional connector. Sexy maps and more.

BEVERLY HILLS: And yet another hotel for Los Angeles. Those insanely wealthy Candy Brothers announced their 9900 Wilshire project, that Richard Meier-designed development, will now possibly have a five-star hotel.

SOUTH LA: Not everything got canceled or destroyed this week: Pann's Coffee Shop got a total rehabilitation of their 50-year-old neon sign. Nice work, Pann's! [Image via You-Are-Here.]

ECHO PARK: The tagged-up Morton Place mural, located just west of Dodger Stadium in Echo Park, got the official whitewash. And then everyone cried racism. But perhaps something new is coming?

9900 Wilshire

9900 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA