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Reader Poll: Spanish Home In West Hollywood

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Welcome to this version of "New To Market," our look at a listing with a reader vote. Consider this an unscientific way to take the buying pulse of a wary public. Feedback and nominees to the tipline, please.

This two-bedroom, one-bath house just a short walk to Melrose features "a spacious living room, a large separate dining room, beautifully done kitchen & bath & a private courtyard." The listing also plugs the home's arched doorways, crown moldings, exposed hardwood floors. It pretty, um, cozy, at just over 1,000 square feet. According to its sales history, the house was last sold in Dec 2004 for $600,000. Today's asking price: $769,000.
7357 Willoughby Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046 [Redfin]