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Jay-Z Madhouse: Hollywood Palladium Re-Opens

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It looks like Hollywood's revitalization might bring about some more traffic jams. Eater LA editor Lesley snapped a few photos of last night's chaos outside the Jay-Z show at the Palladium, an event that marked the re-opening of the Sunset Boulevard venue. She reports: "Madhouse in the neighborhood. Traffic was insane. They had cars merging on the westbound side of the street for the press line and chaos in front of the venue, and it looked like a parking lot all the way to Western. Kind of a clusterfuck when the show let out, but it seemed to dissipate pretty quickly." The last two photos--a first look at the interior of the venue-- are courtesy of Flickr user JeffQuandt. And here's Billboard on the show: "Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra now have at least one thing in common: both artists have helped christen the legendary Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles." And some good news: DJ AM, who was in that recent Lear jet crash in South Carolina, played alongside Jay-Z last night.
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