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CurbedWire: Ocean Park Townhomes, South Park Streetscaping

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SANTA MONICA: The latest shot of the Pacific Street @ Ocean Park Townhomes at 126 Pacific Street. The homes look complete, but there never seems to be much activity going on in these residences. The sign says "Reduced Price" (originally, the building was asking $1.55 million), but it's not clear what the new prices are. Tough times, good luck with those. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: It's been mentioned before, but now there's a better photograph. After the jump, a shot of ah'bé Landscape Architects’ streetscape at South Park's new Evo building. Via a press release about the project: "Identified by Commissioner Paula Daniels, who is spearheading the City’s new Green Streets Initiative, as “ [setting] the standard for the kind of forward-thinking green infrastructure planning that we want to create throughout Los Angeles,” the streetscape is testament to Abe’s success at transforming this downtown environment into a beautiful, engaging, and livable neighborhood." [Curbed InBox]