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Compton Ordered To Clean Itself Up

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City officials have formed a new task force meant to clean up Compton's 3rd District: Residents and businesses will now face fines if they don't remove trash, debris, inoperable vehicles, and animals from their properties. Additionally, "illegal garage conversions and businesses that act outside the scope of their licenses will also be targeted," reports the Wave's Leiloni De Gruy. And while this move follows other clean-up initiatives by the city, here's one comment left on the Wave's site in response to the story: "I live in Compton and [Yvonne Arceneaux] is worried about trash when we have bigger issues to tackle such as the gang problem, the homicide rate, the lazy deputy sheriff's that are contracted with the city that don't do jack...My kids can't even enjoy childhood because of the gang activity and shootings in the area and she's worried about trash and illegal garage conversions and businesses." [The Wave]