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Ghost BuildingWatch: Fuller Lofts in Lincoln Heights

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Oh, Fuller Lofts. You break hearts. Sure, this area looks like ass, but this Pugh + Scarpa-designed building on San Fernando Road was supposed to be a home for pioneers, for creative types who didn't want to live near Jamba Juices and Pinkberrys, who wanted to be on the edge of it all. Buyers had to pay from the mid-300s to high 400s for that Lincoln Heights edge, but if planned a few years earlier, Fuller could have been a Biscuit Lofts project, a reverse gentrification trick (plop down expensive condos, the rest will take care of itself). And if the last news was that the bank may be selling off the building, there's been very little information since. The people at Paul Hastings, the legal firm handling Fuller, will not return any of the 24 phone messages we've left them. And the security guards are the only sign of life at Fuller now. Ghost watch declared.
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