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Downtown Regional Connector: Cutting out the Middleman

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Tomorrow the MTA will be holding the final alternative analysis update meeting for the downtown regional connector. For the uninitiated, that's the project that'll allow seamless transfer from the Gold Line to the Blue and Expo lines. Unlike today, where a trip from Pasadena to Long Beach requires a transfer trip on the Red Line, the new connector will save you the extra fares and take you right through downtown without having to change trains--wonder of wonders! To us, it sounds like something a grown-up city would have. Tomorrow's meeting will discuss the final two alternative routes (rendered in glorious Curbed detail in the gallery). One alternative is above ground, the other below--and with only a $150 million difference in cost between them, we say go subterranean! The meeting will be held at noon at the Central Library, and if you miss it they're holding the same meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 at the Japanese American Museum in Little Tokyo.--Dan Caroselli
· Regional Connector Transit Corridor Study [Metro]