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CurbedWire: LA Times Down A Clock, Billboard Stories

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[The handless clock. Image via Flickr user eecue/dave bullock]

LOS ANGELES: A reader who was also curious about the case of the missing hands forwarded this comment that was left on LA Times reporter Steve Lopez's blog. An excerpt: "Please can you find out what happened to the LA Times building (First Street) facade clock?? I ride Foothill Transit and wait at the City Hall stop and rely on the wonderful clock to check if my bus is picking my up on time. The clock is old...has been working on and off for many years, but it always fixed and continued giving Angelinos pleasure and time. But a couple of weeks ago, gone was the clock, no hands, only a hole where the hands were always working. I miss it very much and so do my fellow public transportation riders. I would like to ask you to ask on our behalf, if can you implore the owners of the building to fix the clock, if it is broken, and re-assemble it and attach back on the facade of the building. The building looks like it has been vandalized and I wish very much to have it back. The LA Times building with its clock is one of downtown LA's icon...." [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: Speaking of, how many more weeks before those scary Saw VI billboards go away? Via the Inbox, news of yet another billboard story: "We're broadcasting part 2 of a story on L.A.'s billboards tomorrow [Thursday] evening on KCET's "SoCal Connected." This story focuses on the proliferation of electronic billboards...Please click on the following site [KCET] to see our first story." [Curbed Inbox]