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Preservation Update: Pann's Sign Makeover

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It's nice to get some good news--via LA Conservancy Modcom chair Chris Nichols: "I wanted to direct your attention to the fine job done by one of my favorite places, Pann's Coffee Shop, in the complete removal, stripping, rebuilding and rehabilitation of their amazing 50 year old neon sign. It's an amazing mindblowing flasher luring you down La Cienega. Anyway, ModCom was able to convince the (Original!) owner to restore it rather than replace with a replica - we found the perfect craftsman to do the job - and we're so ecstatic. A dozen of us raced down there to have dinner as soon as the thing was up. The thing is massive and was like sign work and archeology and a building restoration project rolled into one, the thing was absolutely shot. The place looks so pristine now." More ecstatic sign discussion on the LottaLiving boards.
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