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Candy Brothers Rescue: Boys Extend Stake in 9900 Wilshire

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[Pic of the Candy Brothers via Evening Standard; Rendering of 9900 Wilshire, right, via]

The collapse of Iceland is affecting our little dry patch of desert: Kaupthin, the country's biggest bank, had a 40 per cent stake in the 9900 Wilshire project, that uber-luxury condo project being designed by Richard Meier, reports the Financial Times. And following the bank's total collapse, 9900 Wilshire developer Candy & Candy aka the always stern-looking Christian and Nick Candy has bought out the bank's stake, paying a figure that the FT says is a lower sum (because of falling values) than the original price paid. (Remember that the original purchase price of the property was $500 million). More via FT: "Nick Candy would only say yesterday that "market rate" had been paid by the CPC Group, the company owned by his brother Christian. The brothers normally use third-party funding to finance deals and had been sounding out new investors over the past few days." Additionally, the FT reports that the Candys are expected to announce a new shareholder in the project shortly. Thank god for those filthy-rich Brits.
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9900 Wilshire

9900 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA