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Rumblings & Bumblings: 8900 Beverly Pit, Echo Park Cement Box

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Two questions from readers hit the InBox. If you have info, please leave a response in the comments or you may email us at Answers posted on Thursday.

BEVERLY BLVD: This is probably been covered on the site before, right? But sending in a helpful map, a reader writes: Hey guys, do you know what they are building on this corner. It's supposed to be a 39,000 Sq ft commercial? They have dug like 3 levels down already."

ECHO PARK: Is a small prison being built in Echo Park? A reader writes that there's an odd-looking structure going up on Sunset. "Do you know what that new thing going up on Sunset is? It's about four stories, across street from Little Joy, doesn't look like condos. Look like a windowless cement box."
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