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Open House Report: Things May Not Be So Terrible

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Would a recent market collapse stop buyers from going to Open Houses? Did everyone spend the weekend on the couch, curled up with a bottle of bourbon and a pint of Ben & Jerry's? No and no. Everyone was out at brunch, walking around, and enjoying the weather. Reports from the three open houses in Silver Lake we hit yesterday--foot traffic lower at two spots, no change at the third.
2393 Silver Lake Blvd #4, $585,000. Real estate agent Christian Martinen: "Slower than usual. About 8-10 groups. Mostly looky-loos this time."
2400 Silver Lake Boulevard, $699,950. Real estate agent Issac Fast: "Slower than weeks past. About 15 groups. Usually it's about 25 groups. It may be the weather, too."
2528 Armstrong Avenue, $829,000 (pictured above). Real estate agent Dan Ortega: "Was as busy as usual. 23 groups. It may be the area [facing Silver Lake reservoir] Also, it just came on the market two weeks ago."