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CurbedWire: Streets We Love: Culver City, Downey Outrage

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CULVER CITY: One of the streets we love, this is Vinton Street in Culver City. And those are Chinese elm trees or Chinese Pepper trees (we got two replies after asking the locals). Anyone got a definitive answer? Email us if you want a street featured. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNEY: Outraged! A reader is outraged at the prices in Downey and sends word of a residential property on realtor site: He writes:
"Well, go to the properties category and note the prices, especially the 8444 Lexington property, meaning at $3.7M for around 12,863 s.f. Well, in the paper the price was chopped to $2,877,777 - such a deal!!! Who knew Downey could have properties at those prices. Hard to link, as no permalink feature offered, but I must say, some of the worst architectural ugliness resides in Downey - yes, Downey." [Curbed InBox]