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Week In Review: Lautner's Garcia House, Westside Freak Out, Evolution for Sale, Universal City, and Palladium Hotel?

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LOS ANGELES: Sweet architectural porn: Photos emerged of the John Lautner Garcia house, which was recently profiled in the Los Angeles Times magazine. The home on Mulholland Drive was restored by local architecture firm Marmol Radziner and decorated by New York decorator Darren Brown.

: Some people were thrown off by a rendering of that has gone up on the corner of La Cienega and Olympic. It's some sort of viral advertising scheme, but way to freak out those development-leery Westsiders, marketers.

HOLLYWOOD: Hollywood Evolution, indeed. Kanner Architects did a nice rendering for this site at the northeast corner of Whitley and Yucca--and now the plot is for sale. It's permit ready for anyone who wants to jump in.

: Claiming their project represents the future of the Los Angeles, NBC sent out mailings about its proposed big new project in the Valley. Digest, digest.

UNIVERSAL CITY: A visual aid for the associated Metro Universal project, a huge development that would add get office towers, residential towers or hotels, retail. Sexy photos of parking lots and blue sky await.

HOLLYWOOD: The old Palladium got its new sign, a close replica of the original 1940s sign. At night, the letters will light up red, blinking on in descending order. And there may be a hotel coming behind the Palladium, too.