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So Many Seats To Fill

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All the excitement has been about the city's new clubs (Club Nokia, Palladium, and the Conga Room), but Variety questions whether the music venues can sell all those seats. Thank you for asking, but yes, they can, say concert promoters, adding that getting in the crowds is contingent on ticket prices. But one dicey spot may be L.A. Live: "One talent agent who has dealings with all the promoters said the L.A. Live venues are looking at a significant crapshoot. Will patrons return regularly if it’s $25 every time to park? Once the restaurants and bars open, will they be able to get the crowd in early and hold onto them after a show is finished?" Uhm, is it $25 to park? In related news: One blogger who attended a recent event held at the under-construction Ritz-Carlton reports that L.A Live will have a mighty enormous kick-off. In honor of its December opening, L.A. Live will offer 31 straight days of free activities with some sort of free entertainment. Hopefully, chilled eggnog will also be provided. [Variety, Food GPS]


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