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Hollywood At Home Makes It All Better

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Everyone knows the best distraction for the real problems of the world is celebrity culture, and rather than go check to see how the stock market is doing (don't look, you'll vomit), let's thumb through Architectural Digest, which has just published its Hollywood At Home issue. A shot of the still-on the market Cecil DeMille estate (chopped and now listed at $23.95 million) is available, while here's the backstory on Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's old Benedict Canyon home: "Previously owned by Hedy Lamarr, it consisted of eight rooms, stood on six and a half acres, and had a pool, a picket fence and eight coops, where the Bogarts kept an ever-expanding population of chickens, roosters and ducks. With the help of decorator Bill Yates, Bacall did most of what Movieland called the “interior planning” in a mixture of Dutch, Early American and French provincial furniture." Photo here. Just look at those happy, sleeping dogs. [Image via AD]
· Hollywood At Home [Architectural Digest]