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CurbedWire: Grovewood Garden in WeHo, Pixels in Hollywood

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Here's a pretty little rendering to nurse you through the weekend. This is something that's being done by Pugh + Scarpa--it's called Grovewood Garden Lofts (1342 Hayworth) and it was mentioned recently in the Architect's Newspaper. We know it was sent to the city council for review on April 28. Beyond that, no new info. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: There's an interesting outdoor film/art festival happening this weekend that brings the films to the streets, quite literally. Via the KCET blog: "Titled "HollyWould," the festival brings its unique mix of "culturally relevant, uncensored experimental video and digital art" to literal street level on October 9th, this by insinuating itself sci-fi-style into an iconic strip of LA - Hollywood Blvd. between Wilcox Avenue to Orange Drive." The festival goes through the weekend; check the KCET blog for the exact map. [Curbed Staff]