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Shocker: Neutra's Kaufmann House Back On The Market

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After that embarrassing little auction that fell through, the rumor circulated that the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs wouldn't go back on the open market and would instead be quietly sold through a private deal. The auction sale price was $15 million plus $4 million in commission fees but Christie's execs expressed surprise the house didn't sell for more. Even more surprising - the house is newly listed on the MLS. According to the listing, the five-bedroom, six-bath house "is recognized by scholars & the Whitney Museum of Art as one of the key residential structures of the 20th century. Now following a meticulous award winning restoration, and accumulation of additional contiguous properties, the estate offers not only the opportunity to live an iconic california lifestyle, but also an investment in one of the worlds most important treasures of modernism." It's also kind of a bargain. Listing price: $12.975 million.
· 470 W Vista Chino Palm Springs, CA 92262 [Windermere]
· Sold! $19 Million Total For Neutra-Designed Palm Springs House [Curbed LA]