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AIA Home Tour: Singer Residence in Pacific Palisades

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Concluding our tour of the AIA/LA fall home tour (unfortunately we weren't able to make it to the final house, the Akron Street House), we visit the Singer Residence in the Palisades. Designed by Holtz Architecture, the house is 3,800 square feet on a 50' x 130' lot. If that seems like a large house for a small lot, it is. According to the AIA, "[the layout] is an effort to defy expectations about how a house in this context can be organized and experienced." If that is the goal, then well done. Visitors enter adjacent to the dining room, which is in the front of the house. The rooms feel small, or in realtor-speak, "cozy." The hot tub lies directly under the next door neighbor's bedroom window. If someone falls off one of the outdoor decks, not to worry. They will certainly land on a neighbor's roof. But the interior courtyard is kind of nice.
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