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Olympic Boulevard Construction Update: Meet Arapahoe Plaza

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It was about six months ago that we checked in with development along the 25-block stretch of Koreatown's Olympic Boulevard (from Arlington Avenue to Arapahoe Street). There are four developments that were visited; in the gallery, you can see how the projects are progressing (notably mixed-use development Arapahoe Plaza has just sprouted up like an ungainly teen). And after the jump, a quick run-down of where things stand today.

1. Olympic Palace, a 25-unit development at 3429 W. Olympic. Developer NBGI Homes is behind the project, which is expected to be finished by the end of 2008 (at least that is what we were told in April).

2. LA MA golf driving range still looks desolate. Signage up, someone looking for businesses to move in.

3. Arapahoe Plaza at the corner of Arapahoe and Olympic. A rendering on the site indicates this will be a 6-story, 45-unit condominium building with retail on the ground floor. The developer is given as Royal Investment & Realty. It'll be finished by the end of year, Peter Kim, who is selling the condominiums, told us back in April. Will it still be condos?

4. The big lot located directly across from the Arapahoe Plaza remains just a big lot.
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