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ListingsWire Downtown Edition: Ritz-Carlton Units Hit MLS, Elleven Foreclosure, Pan American Rents Out

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DOWNTOWN: The sales office has been open for months, but three units at the residences at Ritz-Carlton just hit the MLS. A 2,300 square foot three bedroom is listed at $2.909 million. We're told it's just a different marketing strategy to put the units on the MLS. [Redfin]

DOWNTOWN: Let's go to the other end of the market. For anyone who wanted to buy in Elleven, a foreclosed 1,100 square foot unit is listed at $474,900. That's more than $400 a square foot, but then again, the last foreclosure at Elleven sold out quickly. [Redfin]

DOWNTOWN: The last remaining units at the Pan American Lofts, a conversion that opened for sales in July 2006, are being rented out. A 689-square foot studio is now renting for $1,795. We visited the building over the weekend and will post more on this tomorrow. [Craiglist]
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