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Wilmington Man Sues After Oil--Or Brine Water--Coats His Home

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Wilmington resident Edward Guzman woke up on an October morning in 2004 to discover that a pipeline on an adjacent lot was spewing liquid all over his family compound. Or so claims Guzman, who wants more than $200,000 from Los Alamitos-based Magness Petroleum Company, according to the Press-Telegram's Denise Nix. The company, which owned the pipe, agrees that 5,000 gallons of liquid escaped, but says the liquid escaped through a tiny pin-sized hole, and the stuff that Guzman says damaged his property and cars was mostly brine water and didn't contain large quantities of oil. Nor does Magness Petroleum believe that all "11 adult family members [in the Guzman family] should be compensated for pain and suffering." Having learned everything about the legal system from the "People's Court," we're just gonna ask the obvious: Didn't anyone take photos of the damage?
· Burst pipeline ruined home, family says [Press-Telegram]