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Silver Lake Meadow Likely Opening As Public Park By Summer

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Following a Jan. 2nd Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting, it appears that the meadow plan is pretty much a done deal. According to Lori Oddino, on the board of directors at the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoir, by June 2008, or whenever the new pathway is finished, Silver Lake Meadow will operate as a public park (it'll be open from dawn till dusk). As previously discussed, the compromised plan opens a portion of the meadow--three and half acres--to the public, while the remainder of the meadow, another three acres, will be reserved for wildlife and native plants: coyotes, blue herons, gnats, ladybugs, etc. The whole opening/not fully opening of the meadow has been a touchy subject for some Silver Lake residents, who worry hordes of visitors will descend to this relatively quiet area. According to Oddino, all that's left to do is decide the park's operating hours and rules of use, decisions that'll be discussed at a series of Meadow Advisory Board meetings beginning January 12th. Additionally, it looks as if the DOT will install a signalized crosswalk on Silver Lake Blvd. While the exact location hasn't been hammered out, it'll be somewhere between Duane Street and Armstrong Ave. Oddino tells Curbed, adding that the crosswalk should help with safety and traffic issues.

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