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CurbedWire: Landmark Village, Park LaBrea, Gap

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NEWHALL RANCH - The 5 freeway just got a little bit more crowded. Via email: "Landmark Village, the first community in Newhall Ranch was approved by the LA County Regional Planning Commission this morning." Landmark Village will deposit over 1,400 single family homes, apartments and condos plus some retail, a school and some parks around the undeveloped patch of land just west of Santa Clarita.

LARCHMONT - Via email, word of more good old-fashioned chain stores moving in. "Here is a picture of the larchmont hardware on its last day, december 31st. Rumors include Panda Express or the GAP moving can park at the Grove and walk over!"

PARK LA BREA - Isn't it a right of passage that your landlord will screw you out of your deposit? Stupid landlords. A reader has a complaint: "I like many residents who moved out of Park La Brea are overdue their security deposits. No one ever answers our calls and when you show up in person they lie and say everyone is in a meeting and busy. I would appreciate you looking into this and finding out just how many disgruntled residents there are like myself. Trust me there are plenty of other stories I could share with you about their shady practices, but looking into this matter would be a great start."