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Venice's Dogtown Station Sells About Half Its Units, Takes A Breather

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There are a handful of construction projects on Main Street in Venice, Dogtown Station, a 35-unit loft development, being the biggest one around. Having initially raised a bit of a spat regarding its boundaries, the building, which'll offer 35 live/work lofts, is about half sold out, per the listing agent at Venice Properties. Getting its moniker from the legendary Z-Boys nickname for the area, the building isn't nearly as scruffy--units range from 1,400-1,800 square feet and are selling for between $1.1 million-$1.4 million. But there are only three units currently on the market--the developer is currently waiting for construction to be completed before making a big sales push, says the agent. Cuz people want to be able to walk through their million dollar home before they buy it.