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Neutra Walk Thru: Recently Restored Sten-Frenke House

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It seems like there's an almost daily influx of news, gossip and random detritus about our man Richard Neutra. Today's scoop - a video walkthrough of the recently restored Sten-Frenke Residence in Santa Monica. Built in 1934, the house was first modernized in 1982 by Gwathmey Siegel and Associates and more recently restored by the go-to firm for sensitive midcentury mod renovation, Marmol Radziner (which won them another award). According to Gebhard and Winter's "An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles" the house is a "classic Neutra with a Streamline Moderne curved-glass bay that overlooks the Pacific. The house, which is nearly impossible to see, lies up the hill between the street wall and garage." But our favorite part of the video has to be the soundtrack--we're just waiting for the videographer to turn a corner and run into a carbuncular, knife-wielding maniac.