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Following Up: Yesterday's Echo Park Fire

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One of the most maddening things about being an ant living among 4 million other ants is witnessing a neighborhood incident--a car accident, fire, or even a store suddenly shutting down--but never being able to find any news on what happened. Yesterday, a reader sent in a photo of a fire and wrote: "This morning (at 4:30 am) there was a fire just off Bellevue Ave in Echo Park. I live a couple blocks away, and could see the fire from my bedroom window. There were fire trucks on every corner for about 3 blocks using the you know what happened?"

At 4:22 am yesterday, fire fighters responded to a fire at a two-story duplex building at 1149 NW Kensington. A total of 104 firefighters "knocked" the fire down in 53 minutes. One "civilian" male, age 28, was transported to County USC Hospital with smoke inhalation and the fire, which caused $375,000 in damages, is currently under investigation. Additionally, the CHP shut down the freeway off-ramp from the Northbound 101 at Bellevue for the duration of the incident, to the LAFD's blog.

Some bonus facts about the Los Angeles Fire Department and local fires from Brian Humphrey, spokesman for the LAFD:

---The agency sees, on average, 14 working fires a day in Los Angeles. "Working fires"=When the LAFD has to pull out the water guns.
---On average, 508 people a day are transported to Los Angeles hospitals via the LAFD.
---One average, there are 2000 responses a day from the LAFD.

And our reader's photo:

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