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Rumbings & Bumblings: Larchmont/Fairfax Emptiness, Sawtelle Hole, Bow Sculpture!

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Every week we ask you to answer pressing questions from your curious, but ill-informed neighbors. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates. comments, tips, and general queries. Answers are posted on Thursday.

1.) Larchmont: A nosy reader with a photo, even! "What's the state of that empty building (pictured) on Larchmont Ave, between Bev and 1st? It clearly used to be a restaurant, what's going in there?"

2.) Hollywood: Another case of Donald Sterlingitis, perhaps. "What's going on with those two buildings on Fairfax between Beverly and Oakwood? The one with the sign that says "Leader" on it? I have lived in this neighborhood for 6 years now, and my husband for TEN years, and that building has been for rent THE ENTIRE TIME and has never been rented out. Yet, there is always a sign advertising that it's for rent with a phone number? Why is it never rented?"

3.) West LA: "On Sawtelle, there is a block long hole (between Iowa and Nebraska). There used to be a building that looked like a Telco switching station, an empty lot and an old gas station turned auto repair place on that stretch of street. All demolished now and a deep hole dug. Anyone know what is being developed there?"

4.) Downtown: A question about that collar and bow tie sculpture that got a lot of flack. "A sculpture that was supposed to be out in front of Disney hall was put on hold about 18 months ago. Is it out of the picture, or going to be like Angels Flight's "In three months, I swear!" opening?"