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Curbed Wire: Madrone Prices Possibly Cut, Destruction In Palms

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HOLLYWOOD: A Friend of Curbed managed to pick up a little gossip while doing reps: "So I was at my gym yesterday and I overheard an interesting conversation. It seems this one guy is a sales agent at the Madrone on la brea and he was talking to someone about the prices. I had just checked that last post about it on curbed and it seems like the prices are already dropping from that post. He said that studios will be in the 4's and two bedrooms in the 7's. He didn't say anything about what retail will be in there. I almost asked...". That last post mentioned the possibility of a price drop ("John Laing Homes apparently makes a 'promise' to all homeowners, that IF the market crashes, all prices, prior to move-in will be evaluated and adjusted..."), so is that evaluation and adjustment already happening? Next time we fully expect our eavesdropper to go the extra mile and get confirmation on the Pinkberry/Peets/Trader Joe's rumors. [Madrone model by Curbed reader "s"] [Curbed InBox]

PALMS: Peeps in Palm are upset and worried about the possibility of a big apartment building headed their way. Via an email sent out by the Palms Neighborhood Council Pesident: "The oldest house in Palms, built in 1912, may be torn down. It's at the southwest corner of Regent and Dunn Drive. On the same extended lot, the southeast corner of Regent and Clarington, is another old house marked for the bulldozer (it's been vacant for several years)....this is just another example of how the city has historically acquiesced in the transformation of L.A.'s neighborhoods with scant input from the people who live in them. Neither the Palms Neighborhood Council nor nearby residents received any announcement about this plan; the only notice was a small card attached to a fence on ONE of the houses stating that a grading (that is, a demolition) permit would be issued, and that PUBLIC COMMENT WILL HAVE NO EFFECT on its issuance. Huh? What's more, the listed telephone number for the city was in error, and now the card itself seems to have disappeared." [Photos of said houses] [Curbed InBox]