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Breaking! Wilshire Blvd's House of Tomorrow On the Market Again

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Yes, you can now live in House of Tomorrow, or at the very least, work in it. Listen up, modcommers--the Welton Becket-designed "House of Tomorrow" on Wilshire and Highland is back on the market. The house is currently occupied by Korean-targeted Western Realty, is currently listed by Grubb-Ellis, and according to said listing, features 10,000 sq feet of mid-century modern office bungalows, 17 offices, 3 conference rooms, and a brick central courtyard. The architectural pedigree is far more interesting, however.

According to LA Observed:

Becket designed the Post-War House shortly after World War II to show home-shopping ex-GIs the new-fangled conveniences like garbage disposals, televisions and central air conditioning. Suburbs builder Fritz B. Burns charged a buck to tour the house and sold a million tickets after House Beautiful magazine devoted forty-two pages to the home in 1946. When the novelty wore off, Burns had Becket redesign the property as the House of Tomorrow with even more modern inventions and a small helipad on the roof. Burns later made the house into his real estate offices and at Christmas would feature live reindeer. In addition to the House of Tomorrow, Becket was the planner for Century City, and designed much of UCLA, the Cinerama Dome, the Music Center, The Capitol Records building, the original Bullock's, and many, many more buildings in LA and elsewhere. The list price is currently undisclosed but we're working on it.
· 4950 Wilshire [Loopnet]